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Choosing An Effective E-commerce Oriented CMS Platform

ecommerceAre you looking for the best solution to build your e-commerce business? There are countless choices, but open source options remain attractive due to the flexibility they provide. These content management systems (CMS) offer a variety of options, and allow you to sell everything from physical goods to digital downloads. Here are three choices that will help your store stand out from the competition.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free open source shopping cart system that offers developers complete customizability. The interface is easy to use and the software is simple to install. It comes with some features, but to help Zen Cart meet it’s full potential there are hundreds of plugins and integrations.

Those with less technical knowledge can build a simple e-commerce site with Zen Cart, but to really make it shine it helps to know PHP. It gives online merchants promotional tools like gift certificates, coupon codes, and automatic email confirmation. It works with the default payment gateways and a plugin can be installed for additional options. There’s a strong community supporting Zen Cart, so it’s a favorite among many developers.

Some of the downsides often cited for Zen Cart include lack of SEO capabilities, mobile friendliness, and issues with software upgrades. The features and interface all feel a little dated. Shops with more than 1,000 products may have performance issues, so this is a better option for small to mid-sized stores. Overall, Zen Cart is a stable choice for those setting up shop. It’s been time-tested by a large base of developers and users.