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What’s All The Hype About Inbound Marketing?

inboundInbound marketing is an overall philosophy of marketing pioneered by Hubspot. The idea behind it being that the customer of today and tomorrow is much different than the customer of the past. Modern day consumers don’t want interruptive advertising like television or pop-up ads.

If they want or need something, they want to actively search for the best solution. Using inbound marketing effectively will allow you to target your customer at whatever stage of the buying process they are in.

Utilizing a number of different tools, you can actually serve different content to each visitor to your site based on where they are in your buying process. That way, if someone has already visited your website 3 times, they see completely different content than someone who has just arrived for the first visit. This allows you to completely cater your selling process and greatly improve conversion rates.

is an integral part of your business. It’s basically a two-way street that connects you and your potential clients together. Rather than seeking out the customer and trying to get them on board with your brand, they come to you because you have the right value. Here are a few short methods to step up your inbound marketing game.