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Email Marketing Tactics To Stick With In 2015

emailmarketingDespite rhetoric you might hear to the contrary, social media has not already killed email marketing — nor will it do so anytime in 2015. Email marketing is not only a viable strategy right now, it’s a crucial one. Email is still an outstanding way to promote your company, engage your audience and drive conversions. However, there are big changes happening, and it’s important for marketers to stay informed about the latest marketing trends taking place.

Below you will find 4 email marketing tactics to stick with in 2015:

Optimize Your Email Newsletters to Be Read on Mobile Devices

An increasing number of Internet users are checking their email on smartphones and tablets. Have you taken a look at what they might be seeing when they open your email newsletters on their devices? Will they have a smooth experience with your newsletter format, or a frustrating experience? How much sideways scrolling do your susbcribers have to do to read your promotions on their phones?
If you haven’t yet given any thought to these questions, it’s time to get started on implementing a mobile-friendly email marketing strategy.

Create Mobile-Friendly Email Subject Lines

When one of your subscribers views her email inbox on a smartphone, she might see a truncated view of your latest email subject line. For example, if she’s using an iPhone, she’ll most likely see somewhere around the first 35 characters of the subject line, and the rest of your headline will be truncated.

The smart move: experiment with crafting concise yet clickable email subject lines that can be viewed in their entirety on a smartphone. In cases where a longer subject line is necessary, you can at least ensure to place the most important ideas at the beginning of the headline.

Understand Gmail Inbox

Some of your subscribers may begin handling their email differently in 2015, thanks to Gmail’s new Inbox application. It’s hard to predict what changes in user behavior will result, so it’s worth monitoring the effects brought about by this new app to see how your business will be affected. There may be opportunities for optimizing your email promotions to take best advantage of all the features your subscribers now have available.

Optimize Your Email Promotions to be Enticing in Gmail’s Grid View

If your subscribers receive your company’s promotional emails via Gmail, in 2015 you might have to work harder than you used to earn newsletter opens and clicks from them. This is because it requires some effort to format your email offers in order to take best advantage of the grid view features. The good news is that if your company implements this strategy, you’ll gain an advantage over your competitors who haven’t bothered with it.

If you implement one or more of the above 4 email marketing tactics, we think you’ll be on the right track with your email marketing strategy for this year and beyond.

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