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Quick Tips For Boosting Google Organic Traffic & Rankings

Learning how to grow your brand recognition, google rankings, and most important website traffic is a challenging task even for the most technically inclined people. With a constantly changing algorithm, Google is always changing the rules for how websites show up in their search results. Below we will share a few quick tips that are time tested to always help improve your overall online presence.

How to Increase Organic Traffic

If you submit your blog to Yahoo directory and other blog directories, it can potentially be seen by people browsing those directories or finding ranking pages on those directories. One tactic that many people don’t consider is attempting to rank their content on a different domain or online platform. For example, you can post your content to Facebook and you know Google likes and trusts Facebook – so focusing some effort on improving your Facebook’s online presence can pay bigger dividends than focusing on your own website.

Another way you can consider improving your organic traffic numbers is utilizing Google Adwords or PPC. With this form of advertising, you’re guaranteed the top spots in Google search results, but instead of getting their on your own, you’ll have to pay for each click you receive whether it converts to a customer or not.

How to Increase Rankings

There are a wide variety of different things that affect Google’s organic rankings. Everything from your website speed to how many other webpages link to you is important. Understanding as many of these different ranking factors is your best chance for enjoying a high Google ranking.

Social media services can also help improve your ranking and inbound marketing funnel. For example if you create a really good piece of content and utilizing social networks help that content to go viral, you can generate yourselves a ton of backlinks and in turn improved rankings.

How to Network

LinkedIn is a very efficient social media channel that helps users network with other experts in similar industries. To use LinkedIn effectively, you must send out great invitations by personalizing them.

Meetup is another useful networking tool that lets users discuss business projects with other professionals. New users often join several Meetups in their area based on their expertise and industry. If you use this strategy, you will have many opportunities to meet other business owners. Do not try to attend every event; instead, select opportunities that suit your schedule.

Bonus Advice – Fast Traffic Method

If you are not on a budget, consider running a PPC advertising campaign. Most services include management tools that track your daily costs, so you won’t have to worry about overspending. However, to use PPC services efficiently, you may need to purchase a PPC advertising course. If you design a simple ad and run it, you will not get great results.

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