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To Master Life You Must Master These Skills

Everyone has a dream, but not everyone has a plan in place to achieve that dream. While some are lucky enough to have everything they want fall into their laps, the majority of people need to work towards achieving their goals. Following the right stepping stones can make the difference between reaching success or simply giving up.


Spending too much time on any one aspect of your life can quickly derail your dreams by throwing you off balance. It’s important to balance your time between life and work. While some dreams take a larger percentage of your time to achieve, it’s important to at least take small breaks and enjoy what’s happening around you. Not only does this help prevent issues like stress and anxiety, but it also allows you to see and enjoy your progress. It also ensures you don’t sacrifice other important areas of your life in the name of success.


Regardless of what the end game is for the goals in your life, the people you surround yourself will either make or break your chances of reaching your full potential. Whether you’re aiming to move up the job ladder, start a new business, build relationships or just improve yourself as a person, networking can play a key role. Networking means taking risks and maintaining an outgoing personality. Remember, networking is just as much about listening to others and learning, as it is talking and leading.

Choosing An Effective E-commerce Oriented CMS Platform

ecommerceAre you looking for the best solution to build your e-commerce business? There are countless choices, but open source options remain attractive due to the flexibility they provide. These content management systems (CMS) offer a variety of options, and allow you to sell everything from physical goods to digital downloads. Here are three choices that will help your store stand out from the competition.

Zen Cart

Zen Cart is a free open source shopping cart system that offers developers complete customizability. The interface is easy to use and the software is simple to install. It comes with some features, but to help Zen Cart meet it’s full potential there are hundreds of plugins and integrations.

Those with less technical knowledge can build a simple e-commerce site with Zen Cart, but to really make it shine it helps to know PHP. It gives online merchants promotional tools like gift certificates, coupon codes, and automatic email confirmation. It works with the default payment gateways and a plugin can be installed for additional options. There’s a strong community supporting Zen Cart, so it’s a favorite among many developers.

Some of the downsides often cited for Zen Cart include lack of SEO capabilities, mobile friendliness, and issues with software upgrades. The features and interface all feel a little dated. Shops with more than 1,000 products may have performance issues, so this is a better option for small to mid-sized stores. Overall, Zen Cart is a stable choice for those setting up shop. It’s been time-tested by a large base of developers and users.

4 SEO Strategies To Stick With In 2015

seoSearch engine optimization has evolved in amazing ways since the Internet’s early days. In 2015, SEO strategies need to become more sophisticated than ever before. However, the payoff continues to be significant for website owners who utilize SEO effectively for attracting engaged visitors to their online properties. Let’s explore 4 current SEO strategies for 2015 that any webmaster could benefit from.

1. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Search

In the past year, mobile usage has increased dramatically, and there’s every indication that this trend will continue. Google itself has taken notice of this trend. In response, Google is making changes to their search engine algorithms to accommodate the significant influx of mobile traffic.

So far, there have been several important Google announcements made in the early months of 2015. In our opinion, the most significant of these has been the February 2015 blog post announcing new mobile friendly Google search results, to be implemented on April 21, 2015.

Here are a couple of important actions you can take to evaluate the mobile friendliness of your site:


3 Reasons Why Online High School is the Best Choice for Adults

There might be a multitude of reasons why you did not complete high school when you were a teenager. You could have had trouble in school, or you could have suffered from an illness. You might have had to work a full-time job or deal with family responsibilities. No matter the reason, you probably wish that you had finished high school, there is an option that can help you achieve your goal: online GED test.

Even though you might have thought about attending a local community college to complete your high school education, online high school can be a much better option for many adults. These are some of the reasons why it might be the best fit for your life and the best way to achieve your goal of completing your high school education.

1. You Can Still Work

Attending school at a community college can take up a lot of your time, and there is a chance that you will have scheduling issues if you have a job. Obviously, you probably can’t quit your job just to go back to school, but attending your classes online can be helpful. Then, you don’t have to worry about taking time off from work to go to class; instead, you can take your classes and do your coursework at home. This means that you can work on your schoolwork before work, after work or even while you are at work and on your lunch break. This is one of the main reasons why online high school is a better choice for adults who are going back to school.

2. You Don’t Have to Worry About Being Embarrassed

Some adults who have been out of school for a long time are embarrassed about sitting in a classroom to complete their high school educations. This is because a lot of adults are worried that they will be behind and that they will have trouble keeping up with the other students. If you take your courses online, you won’t have to be worried about being embarrassed; instead, you can learn and practice in the privacy of your own home.

3. You Can Work at Your Own Pace

As an adult, you will probably like having the freedom to work at your own pace. With online high school, this will be an option. If you want to hurry up and finish as quickly as possible, such as if you want to have your high school diploma so that you can secure a job, then you can often work ahead of schedule to complete your classes more quickly. If you are busy with kids, work and other things, however, you can work at a slower pace so that you won’t get overwhelmed. Either way, you will be able to work toward your goal at the pace that is right for you.

As you can see, online high school can be a wonderful option for adults who are looking to go back to school. If you are ready to complete your high school education, now is a good time to look into your online options if you want to enjoy these three perks and so many more.

Email Marketing Tactics To Stick With In 2015

emailmarketingDespite rhetoric you might hear to the contrary, social media has not already killed email marketing — nor will it do so anytime in 2015. Email marketing is not only a viable strategy right now, it’s a crucial one. Email is still an outstanding way to promote your company, engage your audience and drive conversions. However, there are big changes happening, and it’s important for marketers to stay informed about the latest marketing trends taking place.

Below you will find 4 email marketing tactics to stick with in 2015:

Optimize Your Email Newsletters to Be Read on Mobile Devices

An increasing number of Internet users are checking their email on smartphones and tablets. Have you taken a look at what they might be seeing when they open your email newsletters on their devices? Will they have a smooth experience with your newsletter format, or a frustrating experience? How much sideways scrolling do your susbcribers have to do to read your promotions on their phones?
If you haven’t yet given any thought to these questions, it’s time to get started on implementing a mobile-friendly email marketing strategy.